You could save by generating your own electricity


If you’re looking for an effective way to reduce your utility bills by generating renewable, sustainable energy, then Sunbright Energy solar panels are the perfect green energy solution.

If you need electricity, hot water or central heating, Sunbright Energy has the answer. Our wide range of solar panels are designed to meet your different household needs and protect you against rising utility bills.

We pride ourselves in helping homeowners across Kent, Sussex, London and beyond to become self-sufficient and save money.

  • No more nasty surprises from the utility companies
  • Provides your home with electricity, central heating or hot water
  • An environmentally-friendly choice
  • Makes you money – our solar PV panels come with attractive green energy incentives backed by the Government
  • Harness the power of renewable technology to heat and light your home

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After the initial installation costs, the energy you generate will run your household appliances and lighting and therefore reduce your utility bills.

Benefit from a range of Government incentives, such as the Feed In Tariff, to earn money from the energy you generate even if you use it. You can also sell surplus energy back to the grid.


First and foremost, at Sunbright Energy we are electricians, plumbers and builders. That’s our core trade. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are experts in our craft when it comes to installing solar panels.