Solar Battery Storage


Generate your own green energy through your Solar PV system and consume that energy at any time. With our storage solutions you can either store and harvest your solar energy directly to and from the grid, or never have to rely on the grid again and use your own home battery system.

We offer the best solar panel batteries in the business, for the best prices too!

Sunbright Energy: The Ultimate Battery Storage Solution

Compare and see for yourself on leading comparison sites like Solar Guide, Sunbright Energy’s battery storage system is second to none. Prepare for the future with our exceptional battery life and rapid charge rates, ensuring maximum return on investment. Our modular and user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly increase battery storage as your needs evolve.

Designed and developed right here in the UK, Puredrive boasts a team of nearly 100 dedicated professionals specialising in research and development, technical support, and exceptional customer service. With our expertise, you can trust that your energy needs are in capable hands.

Experience hassle-free automated savings with our innovative PURASystemTM, expertly managed by our intelligent app. By seamlessly integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar power, battery storage, and EV charging, our app optimises your energy cost savings for ultimate convenience.

At Sunbright Energy, technology is not just reliable, but also enjoyable. The Pure Drive R&D team has meticulously crafted our battery storage system for both performance and elegance, providing you with the highest value possible.

Discover choice, flexibility, and freedom with the ‘All-in-One’ PureStorage II solution. Install the system inside or outside your home, and expand your capacity effortlessly, gaining greater energy independence in the process.

With a capacity range of 5KWh or 10KWh, the award-winning battery system, PureStorage II, offers everything you need in one beautiful enclosure. Designed and made in the UK, we take pride in guaranteeing the highest quality and innovation in our battery systems.

No more worries about compatibility issues or complex integration. Pure Drive’s smart app seamlessly manages all your renewable home products, ensuring a problem-free experience. Our app’s algorithm incorporates next-day weather and your daily consumption profiles, along with the best grid pricing, for optimised energy bill savings. Say goodbye to manual settings and human errors – the app handles it all.

The user-friendly app dashboard or even your voice assistant, like Alexa, can provide you with a battery summary, energy usage information, and the remaining storage capacity. It’s all designed to make your experience as simple and convenient as possible.

Sunbright Energy: Inspiring and empowering local UK talent. As we employ UK professionals, we create opportunities for young people to flourish and grow.

Experience hassle-free automated cost savings and seamless integration of all your renewable home products. Choose Sunbright Energy for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Batteries Sunbright Energy Kent


  • FOX ESS LV5200 batteries are a PLUG & PLAY system
  • Built in BMS to ensure battery performance is at its peak
  • Modular up to 30kw of battery storage can be added to each system
  • OFF PEAK grid charging capability to allow you to take advantage of economy 7 & Octopus GO cheap 4 hour charging rates.
  • UK based technical support
  • Dimensions 600x300x270
  • Weight only 48KG per battery
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Frequent Questions


I’ve heard that I’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Is this true?

Not any more.  Since the end of the Feed in Tariff, there has been no need for any property with a PV installation to have an EPC.  Solar PV owners can now be paid for their exported electric by their energy supplier without the need for an EPC.


I rent a property. Would I be able to get PV solar panels installed?

You would have to check with your landlord. We’ve installed Solar PV for many landlords as they can benefit from the increase in property value and increase in rent.


How are PV solar panels attached to the roof?

Home installations take up to two days to install. However, typical installations are finished in one day.

Commercial installations can take longer, depending on the size of the site and the specific requirements of your business.


I have a thatched cottage – could PV panels be installed on my roof?

There is currently no mounting system to put Solar PV panels on thatched roofs. You may be able to have a ground mounted Solar PV system.


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