EV Chargers

Electric cars are no longer an underperforming worthy green novelty.  Prices are falling, performance is rocketing and now you can charge up in under an hour.

If you have solar on your property, it can fuel your car for free – saving an average driver about £1000 per year.

EV Chargers In Kent
  • Installing a charging point in your house or business usually costs around £600 – £2000 on top of the price of the system you choose.
  • If you don’t yet have a Solar PV system, no problem. If you’re thinking of going solar in the future we can install an EV charging point in your home or business, connect it to your main electricity supply and make sure the set up is compatible with solar PV systems.
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Charge your EV with your PV

zappi has 3 charging modes which makes it great for all homeowners. Those with grid-tied microgeneration systems like wind or solar can use the eco setting to save on their energy bills. The charging current is automatically and continually adjusted in response to on-site generation and household power consumption. In FAST charge mode, zappi operates like an ordinary EV charging station. 

7kW Single Phase

22kW 3-Phase

EV charging from surplus solar or wind generation

Dynamic load balancing for maximum installation flexibility

Advanced integral safety features

  • 3 Charging Modes: ECO, ECO+ and FAST
  • Tap Operated Display Backlight
  • Optimises Microgeneration Self-consumption
  • Built-in RCD Protection
  • Works with Solar PV or Wind Turbine Systems
  • Integral Cable Holster (Tethered Version)
  • Economy Tariff Sense Input
  • Remote Control & Monitoring
  • Programmable Timer Function
  • Supplied with Clip-on Grid
  • Sensor(s) Charge & Event Logging
  • Works Alongside Battery Storage
  • System Pin-code Lock Function
  • Future Proof Installation
  • OZEV (Home/Work Scheme) Approved
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Ethernet Port and built-in WiFi for Connecting to the Internet
  • Complies with CE and UKCA Requirements

Charging Modes


Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Charging will continue until the vehicle is fully charged, even if power is drawn from the grid.


Charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Charging will pause if there is too much imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.


In this mode, the vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This is just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.


  • Mounting Location – Indoor or Outdoor (Permanent Mounting
  • Charging – Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1 Compliant Communication Protocol
  • Display – Graphical Backlit LCD
  • Front – LED Multicolour, According to Charge Status and Current
    Charging Current – 6A to 32A (Variable)
  • Dynamic Load Balancing – Optional Setting to Limit Current Drawn from the Unit Supply or the Grid
  • Connector Type – Type 2 Tethered Cable (6.5m) or Type 2 Socket with Locking System
    Charging Profile – 3 Charging Modes: ECO, ECO + and FAST
  • Metering Accuracy – Load and External CTs Designed to Meet Class B (1%) of EN 50470 Load: 0.25A-5(32)A External CTs: 0.25A-5(100)A
  • eSense – In addition to the wide range of voltages below the eSense input can also work with a volt free contact. Range 3.3-230Vrms Volt Free Contact (24Vdc Supplied from the zappi)
  • Compliance – LVD2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU, EN 61851-1:2019*, EN 62916-2:2017, ROHS 2011/65/EU, CE Certified 2014/53/EU (RED), 2011/65/EU (RoHS), 2014/30/EU

*Complies fully with the requirements of EN61851-1:2019 with the exception of Clause 8.4 in order to meet the requirements of BS7671:2018 Amendment 1:2020. BS7671:2018 requires the protective earth conductor be switched in order to provide protection against a damaged PEN conductor in a TN-C-S earthed system.


Electrical Specs

  • Rated Power – 7kW (Single Phase) or 22kW (3-Phase)
  • Rated Supply Voltage – 230V AC Single Phase or 400V AC 3-Phase (+/- 10%)
  • Supply Frequency – 50Hz
  • Rated Current – 32A max
  • Standby Power Consumption – 3W
  • Integral Earth Leakage Protection – 30mA Type A RCD + 6mA DC Protection (EN 62955) Note : Local electrical installation Regulations may require a separate RCD
    Economy Tariff Sense – Input 3.3 – 230Vrms AC Sensing (4.0kV Isolated) Volt Free Contact (24Vdc Supplied from the zappi)
  • Wireless Interface – 868/915 MHz (Proprietary Protocol) for Wireless Sensor and Remote Monitoring Options
  • Grid Current Sensor – 100A max. Primary Current, 16mm max, Cable Diameter
  • Cable Entry – Rear, Bottom or Side

Mechanical Specs

  • Enclosure Dimensions – 439 x 282 x
  • 122mm Protection Degree – IP65
  • (Weatherproof) Enclosure Material – PC/ASA (Batch dependant) Operating Temperature – -25 °C to +40 °C Impact Resistant – IK10

Installation Requirements

  • Circuit Breaker – 32A Curve B
  • Earthing Arrangement – TN: Can be Connected to the PME Supply. Complies with BS7671:2018- amd1:2020 722.411.4.1 (v) TT: Earth Resistance < 200 Ω according to BS 7671:2018 or <100 Ω for some vehicles. Check Local Wiring Regulations for a Separate Type A RCD.
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Frequent Questions


I have a loft conversion – could I still have PV panels installed?

Yes, PV solar panels can be fitted to any roof, even if there is no access to the loft or it is used daily.


I’ve got some shading, is that a problem?

Shading will reduce the power output of solar panels and any panels directly connected to the shaded panel.  Sunbright Energy can calculate exactly what impact your shading will havel. Severe shading, like a chimney right in front of panels (known as Hard Shading) can also cause some long term damage.  Naked Solar will be able to advise you of the best place for your panels to be installed.


Do I need a south facing roof?

No, Solar PV panels work on light and all roofs have light shining on them. Many customers have fitted east/west facing systems and typically generate around 86% of an equivalent south-facing roof.


I’ve been offered some panels with diodes that stop the effects of shading.

Almost every panel on the market has diodes these days and they don’t completely stop the effects of shading, however they do help.


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