Solis Energy Storage Inverters

  • Solis inverters have a UK based tech support service making and technical queries you have, quick and simple to answer.
  • Solis is a super hybrid inverter which means it complies with both G98 & G99 DNO application.
  • The reason it is called a super Hybrid inverter is because it has the ability to take 7kw of solar PV input however still rates at 3.6kw output to your property/grid. This means you can have a 7kw solar installation under the domestic laws of G98 DNO application with no delays and can still receive all the benefits from a 7kw solar PV array.
  • Solis has a web platform or IOS/Andrioid APP for your smart phone giving you remote control & monitoring from anywhere in the world.
  • Warranty of 5 years which is extendable to 10 years.
  • Market leaders in solar technology with remote upgrades being added to the inverter with new added features and capability.