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Sunbright Energy, the number one choice for the best solar panel installations across the south east. The company has been supplying and installing solar panels for many years. We believe we not only supply the best products but also give you the best professional fitting with peace of mind.

Solar PV

  • Solar PV systems rely on Renewable energy.
  • You can produce and consume your own green electricity.
  • They are easy to install and can last over 40 years


  • Take control of your energy costs and rely less on the grid.
  • Even in the event of a power cut you can get backup power.

EV Chargers

  • It’s convenient! Never drive to a petrol station or charge point again.
  • Home-based overnight charging is the cheapest way to charge.

Frequent Questions


What is solar PV?

PV stands for Photo (light) Voltaic (Electric). Solar PV panels convert light in to electricity. Note the word light, not sunlight. They continue to produce electricity on cloudy days. It’s just that their output will be higher, the brighter the light is. This is not new technology – the use of light to produce electricity dates back to the 19th Century.


How much will I save on my bill?

Sunbright Energy software to accurately calculate your expected output. Our software takes in to account panel performance, inverter performance, shading, roof pitch, roof orientation and your local weather data to calculate how much electric you will generate.  We then include these figures and how much money you are likely to earn, based on your usual usage and the amount that will be returned to the grid.


What does an inverter do?

Inverters change the DC current from the panels to AC current needed for your home and the grid. It’s essential the correct type of inverter is used and that they’re located in the right place. Many installers always put them in the loft, but this can be detrimental to your system. Naked Solar are meticulous about inverter choice and placement.


What happens when there is not enough light?

You will simply draw from the grid in the normal way. But remember, it doesn’t have to be sunny to generate electricity.


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